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Social-Medicinsk Tolkeservice A/S, based in Denmark, offers interpreting and translation services within a wide variety of languages. Our customers & partners range from the health sector e.g. hospitals and medical doctors to government & municipal agencies, institutions and law firms.

Our interpreters and translators master professional language skills in relation to Danish and all the individual target languages spoken and written within diverse cultural and ethnic environments in Denmark.

Social-Medicinsk Tolkeservice A/S was established in 1993 and it is one of the leading agencies providing interpreting and translation services in Denmark.

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Social-Medicinsk Tolkeservice A/S

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Telefon 70 20 90 12
Fax 70 20 91 21
Døgnvagt 40 20 14 43

Bygmestervej 2, 1.sal
2400 København NV

Aalborg afdeling
Kristinevej 2
9000 Aalborg

Næstved afdeling
Marskvej 27
4700 Næstved

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